Monday, January 31, 2011

Went to the Hospital

I'm trying to post more often this year. Things just keep getting hairy with my daughters...

Teenagers even when they are young adults are so easily led. This seems to be an even bigger problem when the teen has Aspergers. As close as I can tell the concept of someone using my daughter is just not in her realm of understanding.

The last week has been a turmoil over her wanting to put the electricity in her name where she lives. There are three other adults in the house but they need the electricity in an 18 year old girls name. I seem to be the only one of the two of us that see a problem with that.

Her boyfriend asked her to leave last night. (Now that they have electricity.) She picked up a knife and was running it over her arm and fingers. The boyfriend's mother called me that she was suicidal.

Of course I went. When she wouldn't calm down, I called for an ambulance. The mother told me she wasn't to come back. While in the ER my daughter called them and the said of course she could come back. Once again I am lying to her. Or so she thinks.

I'm hoping the inability to see if someone is using her is due to immaturity and not a permanent feature of Aspergers. Although she processes verbally she won't let me reason with her about what is going on.

If I don't go when someone calls there is also the possibility she could hurt herself by accident. I will continue to go. When she verbalizes she wants to kill herself and has a viable means I will continue to call the ambulance too. I think that is only reasonable.

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