Saturday, February 5, 2011

Daughter's and Relationships

My second daughter was in the hospital, again. Well it is not really that bad this is only the second time she has had to be hospitalized. I'm just thinking. Both times it started with some kind of mess about a boy.

It is already hard enough to be a young woman. She is 18. But it is even harder to be a young woman with Aspergers or Autism. Both of my daughters are really obsessive over their boyfriends.

The one that was in the hospital was only there for 3 1/2 days. I'm not sure that short of a time really did anything for her. She was the youngest person in the adult ward and she looked it. They had her in a room with a camera directed at it.

At least she isn't screaming any more. She had a knife when the boyfriends mother called me. Everytime she saw me she started screaming. I told her the last time she threatened suicide I would call the police to have her hospitalized.

I have to follow through on those types of rules. You know the whole black and white thing. If she thinks rules are grey then she does not realize she has to follow them.

I'm also planning on talking to her case worker about some training on healthy realtionships. It probably won't help much now but maybe she will internalize it for the future.

Are any of ya'll having these types of problems yet? Do your children see the world in black and white? I have learned to use that quirk of Aspergers to help my child.

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