Sunday, February 13, 2011

Early Planning, in Addition to Early Intervention

Every day I run into parents of older children with Autism who are having trouble with getting help for their children. I keep trying to figure out why it seems easier for my older daughter to get help.

I have finally decided it was partly because we got on every list available for a child with a disability. At times I was not even entirely positive why we were doing what we were doing.

I can remember when someone suggested SSI my response was that we could take care of my daughter. It was not until someone told me I could get a medicaid card that I paid attention.

We were not getting enough of speech therapy in my state's Early Intervention or then Part C program. My daughter needed speech therapy that I could not afford. I could use the medicaid card to get it.

Anyway, today when I run into a young parent of a child with Autism I tell then to get on every list and program they can. Even if at some point they do not qualify at least they did not have to wait years for the chance.

If their child does qualify and things get so much better they do not qualify, most agencies are quite willing and happy to then withdraw services.

It's sort of like playing in the mud. If I'm going to play on the edges of the mud, I'm going to get mud all over. I might as well go straight out into the middle of it.

If I'm going to need services to help my child at some point, I might as well start doing what has to be done early. Then at least I or she has a choice. My momma taught me to plan for the worst and hope and pray for the best.

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