Saturday, May 21, 2011


We went to the evaluation in the school system for my granddaughter. I suppose the good news is that they did the ADOS and do not believe she qualifies under Autism. I was not present for that part. She will qualify under Speech only at this time.

My daughter in law did not realize how far DGD was behind though. I kept trying to lead to it without being too in her face about it. She kind of fell apart after the evaluation. She finally told my son how much trouble she was having.

At some point she had been falling apart after seeing the Educational Diagnostician or Speech Therapist in EarlySteps. Then she would get it together and figure out how to present it to my son in the best possible light.

It finally got to her with the school system evaluation though. I have not mentioned to either one of them that although the school system evaluation may not show Autism and medical evaluation might. I do not know.

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