Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Child with Autism Played Her DSP

I'm vastly amused. People think my first daughter with Autism is not very smart. They think she does not understand. They think she is not paying attention. They are so wrong.

She has skills I did not even realize she had. DD#1 wanted a coke. She told her Direct Service Person (DSP). When they got to the counter she told the DSP she did not have any money. The DSP told her she should have gotten some money today.

My daugher said she had the money at home. The DSP told her she would pay and DD could pay her back at home. When they got home DD did not have any money. The DSP was upset.

About this time DD called me and was fussing because the DSP was sitting on the couch not really speaking to her. I got the story in bits and pieces. Of course I fussed at my daughter too.

But after thinking about it for awhile, I wonder where did she see and hear someone do that. It was not me. DD#1 has been in her own apartment a little over a year now. She is with the DSPs a majority of the day.

DD also probably had to see that done more than once to remember it and be able to copy it. Like I said I am vastly amused. Right or wrong, DD has skills I did not know about. I wonder if this is what professionals mean when they say 'independent living skills'.

Does your child with Autism surprise you with skills? Are they listening even when people think they are not or cannot?

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