Monday, May 23, 2011

Aspergers Services

As I am sure you know many times it is harder to get services for someone who has Aspergers. They can function so high that they do not qualify for the more comprehensive services that a person with an Autism Spectrum Disorger should get.

We were able to get what in our state is called Mental Health Rehabilitation Services (MHRS) for my daughter who has Aspergers. One of the continuing conversations I have with my daughter's caseworker and counselor is whether DD is taking her medication.

They do not seem overly worried about it. Although I understand completely that they can not make her take her medicine I still think they should know when she is not. I also think there should be more that just asking her if she takes it.

A discussion behind the reasons a child with Aspergers or any other disability refuses to take their medication could give everyone involved some useful information.

Insight into her reasoning might give us some understanding of 'immature' though processes. It also can give us a greater understanding of her understanding of her medication. If her understanding is incorrect in some way that might be a huge part of the problem.

Those same discussions can be used to teach her strategies about remembering to take the medication at different times of the day. Medication discussions can also be centered around the best times of day to take certain types of medication.

Some medication does not work when mixed with certain foods. Other medication might work better after meals or at the beginning or ending of the day. Information about side effects and what might help with those would be useful. All things that someone should know about their medicine.

I just see the area of medication management with a child with Aspergers as so much more than it is. I also do not see her as being able to initiate this type of discussion. Am I being unreasonable?

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