Sunday, December 16, 2012

Autism and Siblings

It was time for another one of those discussions.  The one that I periodically have with one or the other of my two oldest boys about their sisters and autism spectrum disorders.  The oldest son is 32 years old. 

I'm always mystified because one or the other son will tell me 'Why are you telling me this?'  It's not like we haven't had these discussions for year.  I then go into the whole speech that it is because as I get sicker they will have to do more.  Of course they need to know things that I know. 

I guess what brought it to mind again is one of the adult siblings I know.  They just found out that their brother has a medical condition that can be helped by a specific diet.  The sibling reminded me of my son.  The sibling is doing some of the medical stuff right now. 

Anyway mom remembered the diet.  I didn't say anything to the sibling but I sat there thinking about how guilty the mom is going to feel shortly.  She knew and probably forgot over the years.
So I keep telling my two oldest about things, over and over. 

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