Friday, December 14, 2012

Self-regulation and Aspergers

You know I have to tell you when I bump into a term that has helped me through the years.   There have been several of them.  Perservation, de-escalate, and independant living skills are a few.  Well the latest one that I heard concerning autism and my daughters is self-regulation, particularly aspergers.

So here goes, as close as I understand self-regulation is when you play hard and work hard and know when to do each.  So like you know you have to go to bed at a certain hour because you have to be up at a certain hour. 

You may not have to do that on some nights because you do not have to be up then next day.  Therefore you can stay up a little later.  Well people with aspergers seem to have alot of difficulty self regulating. 

At least one of my daughters who has aspergers does to a huge extent.  So we have lots of discussions about things like this.  When I used this term she asked what it was.  Hence my definition of playing and working at the right times. 

The daughter with autism doesn't regulate at all.  Hence her behavior problems.  She doesn't know how to calm herself. 

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