Friday, April 22, 2011

Aspergers Things That Surprise Me

I forget how resourceful my daughter with Aspergers is. She got in trouble in school when doing work because she would go from person to person to find the answer. She did not see that as cheating. Once she learned that rule about cheating, it was a black and white rule. Again typical of Aspergers.

Well she and I have been arguing about whether she can handle her finances or not. Even though I am concerned, she still surprises me. She wanted me to apply for food stamps for her although she wanted to be in control of her SSI check. I told her to figure out how to apply for it herself.

I also told her she would have to keep her food separate. Since she was living with other people I felt she needed to learn that rule. Once again I was trying to use that characteristic of people with Aspergers.

I admit I was more annoyed with her than anything and would have done it eventually. She kept asking people until someone helped her print the application and fill it out. She got a call for a phone interview and told me. We talked about what they might ask her.

That must have gone well. She got a ride from one of the people she lives with and brought the paperwork they told her to bring. She also already got the card in the mail. I’m happy to be surprised that she was able to do this.

I know many times people with Aspergers have trouble interacting with other people. One of the things I tried to teach and she learned on some level was to ask for help. Interacting with people does wear her out. When she’s done, she’s done till she can rest. I know that is part of the Aspergers. The asking for help was a learned Social Skill that is serving her well.

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