Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Autism Employment at a Fair Wage

I recently read a blog post from another country. It was on employment of people with disabilities. In that country the minimum wage was roughly $13.00. People with disabilities there are paid as little as $2.00.

They were talking about the fact that it was criminal that people with disabilities there were paid such a pittance. I agree. I am appalled when I look at the take home wage of people with disabilities in the United States.

Although our minimum wage is $7.25 the last time I checked, I know people with disabilities that are making 14 cents and 25 cents an hour. I know people with disabilities that shred papers, change trash cans, clean floors. I know other people with disabilities that do yard work, clean dining rooms, and roll silverware for restaurants.

They might get paid varying amounts, but not minimum wage. The small amounts paid in the United States is worse than other countries. In a society that is upset that work from this country is outsourced to other countries for small amounts you hardly hear about the small wage paid to people with Autism and other disabilities.

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